Apex Medical Group is the premier Chandler chiropractic clinic.  Voted Best Chiropractor in Chandler for 2016, we strive to provide a warm and fun atmosphere while always giving outstanding treatment and service.

Our goal is to give our patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic Care without any unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.

Apex Medical Group is an integrated chiropractic care clinic in Chandler, AZ. We specialize in customized chiropractic care. But when you visit our office, you’ll find more than just chiropractors at your service. You’ll benefit from a variety of cutting-edge treatments designed to relieve your pain, correct your condition, and restore your health.

In addition to chiropractic care, you’ll have access to additional treatment methods to correct and heal your painful condition. Our convenient Chandler location allows you to receive walk-in chiropractic care and other treatments – all in one place!

If you are in the Chandler AZ area, you can receive same-day care at our walk-in Chandler chiropractic clinic.

Find Relief from Your Symptoms Today

At Apex Medical Group, our patients find relief through chiropractic care for many health issues:

  • Back and neck pain from computers, working-out, auto injuries or from overuse
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Chronic pain from fibromyalgia
  • Pain from pinched nerves or spinal disc problems​
  • Joint pain from injury or osteoarthritis
  • Hand and foot pain

Experience amazing chiropractic care and service at Apex Medical Group. We invite you to visit our office for a Free Consultation.  Request an appointment online, call, or stop in today.

Modern Chiropractic Care for Better Pain Relief

We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment, when needed, to identify the problem areas in your bones and tissues. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to diagnose your painful condition. And we take the time at every appointment to listen to your concerns. You will never be rushed in and rushed out the door.  

Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulations, are a common treatment for back pain. This is traditionally done by manually applying pressure to the vertebrae to increase your range of motion, reduce nerve pain, and improve your ability to function.  It can also be done using an instrument for those that can't tolerate a manual adjustment. (or just don't like the popping) :) 

Traction therapy relieves pressure on compressed spinal discs, allowing the tissues to heal. Traction therapy is performed by a chiropractor applying pressure manually to the spine. Chiropractors use this method to treat herniated discs, sciatica, pinched nerves, and degenerative disc disease.  

Physical therapy involves a series of stretching and strengthening exercises specifically chosen to restore a particular muscle group. These exercises are often taught and demonstrated during an office visit, and patients continue the regimen daily at home.

Beside fast pain relief, our patients are experiencing many benefits from targeted pain relief through chiropractic care:

  • Better athletic performance
  • Proper biomechanical alignment
  • Better posture
  • Healthier, longer-lasting joints
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Fewer headaches and migraines
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Higher energy levels

Call us today and let us help restore your good health!

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